Who we are

  Here at Kranks, we love sweet & spicy and when you combine the two together, it's a marriage made in heaven.

  SO, HOW DID KRANKS BEGIN?  It all started at a Christmas party at a friend's house.  The host had the usual snacks, and then he brought out his homemade pepper jelly.  A smooth sweet & spicy jar of jalapeno pepper jelly, it was delicious!  We couldn't get enough of it and it got us thinking that we could make it ourselves;  and so began a long and delicious journey of pepper jelly perfection.  It started out simple enough, making a pretty spicy habanero pepper jelly but soon we realized that we could do so much more.  Like mad scientists we began adding flavours, lots of flavours!  We decided the habanero pepper was the right base pepper flavour because of its delicious balance of sweet and heat and how smoothly it pairs with fruits & vegetables.

  We began handing it out to friends and family to try and the response was overwhelming.  They all wanted more!  After making a few hundred jars, we realized that perhaps there was a market for this velvety smooth deliciousness in a jar.  Kranks Gourmet was created and here we are.

Kranks Gourmet was established in 2015, we look forward to providing the finest quality gourmet jellies.

  "WHAT DO YOU DO WITH IT?" is the most commonly asked question when we offer it to people.  At parties we'd serve it with cheese & crackers or meat, but this is way too good to just serve that way.  We knew you could do so much more with it.  We served our Apple Pie Pepper Jelly with perfectly roasted pork tenderloin... bye-bye apple sauce!  Our savoury Cranberry Sage Pepper Jelly adds a whole new level of delicious to your traditional turkey dinner.  For dessert we spiced things up with our Banana Pepper Jelly (made with you guessed it... real bananas), by warming and drizzling it over ice cream, stop and think about this... creamy, cold, sweet and heat... it's really a perfect balance.  You'll want to skip dinner and go right to dessert, and we wouldn't blame you!  We've tried it on crepes and waffles with fresh strawberries & whipped cream and we've added a couple tablespoons right into our cake and brownie batters to really punch up the flavour, especially warm right out of the oven.  One of our favourite and simplest ways to enjoy them is to spread them on a peanut butter sandwich.

  There are so many delectable flavours and so many different ways to enjoy a jar of Kranks Gourmet jellies, we can't list them all here.  You'll have to tap into your creative self and let us know what you think.

   MISSION STATEMENT:  Our goal is to provide the highest quality jellies using only fresh natural ingredients.  All our jellies are made using fresh ingredients sourced locally. We will never add artificial colors, flavours or preservatives.